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Studio Take Over!


Whoa! we are totally taking over the studio! New year & new endeavors!

We are moving things around in the studio! So excited for a brand new year and more music being made and played in our studio.

Great bands and great musicians.

Piece by Piece, we are making our studio comfy. Pictures up here, posters up over there. Added some lava lamps for that groovy touch and a big area rug in the lounge area. Cool stage lighting to get you grooving and into the music with concert stage like feel.

When you find a comfy groove to get loose and create the Atmosphere is key.

So is sound, we have a great sound system to crank up and get loud. Plenty of amps (Ampeg, Calvin, Behringer, Fender) Mics, Guitars (Telecaster, Epiphone, Etc.) and a full Ludwig drum kit, and buying new equipment here and there.

So much is happening and i will take you along for the ride! keep watch and i'll post pics of the journey to this awesome place!

After 5 Studios

Love J - Blue LuLu

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